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When it comes to Real Estate, choosing a broker can be difficult whether you’re buying, selling, or even becoming a Realtor. KB Realty Your Real Estate Experience (KBYREE) has a unique synergistic system like no other brokerage in El Paso. Every company under the KBYREE umbrella operates together to create an efficient and unprecedented system.

Buying or selling can be difficult, time consuming, and even costly if not done correctly.

At KBYREE, as a buyer or seller, you can trust your transaction or listing will be treated as if it was your agent’s personal transaction or listing. Our team of highly skilled and reputable agents will help you through every step of the home search process to get you into your new home or out of your old one with ease. KBYREE agents are knowledgeable of not only the laws and regulations, but also the areas in which you are conducting your home search. A great agents is worth their weight in gold.

For to-be agents, the opportunities are vast. There are over 15 ways for agents to become successful with us! KBYREE offers opens doors to residential real estate, new homes, commercial real estate, hard money lending, rentals, property management in El Paso, maintenance, and investments. With a skilled team of leaders and mentors, any new agent to the company, seasoned or right out of school, can find their niche and fit right in. KBYREE works under a team philosophy and wants to share their knowledge with you; not keep it from you. The success of the agents matters to KBYREE. Without them, there would be no brokerage. There would be no system. There would be no team.