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Realtors looking for new ways to improve their houses for sale in el paso tx? Drone photography. Is it worth it?

Realtors looking for new ways to improve their houses for sale in el paso tx? Drone photography. Is it worth it?

Drones are the future of El Paso, Texas Real Estate!

In the past two years Drone technology, has rapidly evolved. Now the way people are marketing listings is changing dramatically. Not just in the real estate market but in all types of industries. El Paso, Texas Home buyers and sellers now have a new way to interact with real estate listings.

So, what is a Drone? It’s the use of a remote-controlled helicopter that takes aerial photos and videos for properties. Basically, the drone takes pictures from an elevated/direct-down position. Since its in the air, it doesn’t have a ground based structure. Pretty Impressive.

Considering El Paso, Texas MLS is used by most real estate agents and MLS only allows one photograph as the featured image, a picture at an elevated position would be very impressionable because it grabs more than just one part of the home. Usually just being the front. It gives your photo depth and dimension.

Now is it worth it? Is the cost of a drone losing you money or making you money? The cost to hire a drone for real estate is starting right around two hundred dollars. But can go up to fifteen hundred for one full day of shooting twenty five pictures, plus high resolution images and video clips. Including editing with MLS and optimization. Sounds to be pretty high for a photo that can be taken on your own but, according to MLS Statistics, homes with aerial images sold sixty eight percent faster than homes with standard images and seventy three percent for videos. You can attract fifty percent more listings and close fifty percent more deals. David Young mentioned that Jeremiah Oschwald from Lexington KY uses drones for all of his listings, and not too long after he became number one producer for real estate in the Lexington area. Drones is the next big thing for you El Paso, Texas Real Estate Listing!



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